Concealed Muslims = No Service! (In Switzerland)

11 12 2009

According to this German News article ,  Concealed Muslims who are trying to get service from their Swiss town administration will get a rejection. Reason for this was an incident that happened at the town administration a few days ago. A totally concealed Muslim woman (according to the worker there: “You could not see her hand! “) wanted to register.

The worker refused but she offered her a new appointment for the next day. The concealed Muslim woman went then to a police officer and a residents’ registration office worker to get unveiled.  But according to them they thought it was a too huge effort.

And they also say “We need to know who this is “face to face”.” So therefore there will be no service to concealed persons.

Concealed Muslims (c)

ps. My father once said they are dressed like ninjas.


Let’s fight!

4 12 2009

claws challenge


Something I heard at work

4 12 2009

“Drive your Stupid (mail-bike) on the street! Don’t ride it on the walkway, and don’t even stop it here!”

FYI: Yes I my temporary job is at the Deutsche Post

(I’m looking over the very busy street)
I said:” Well then, how do I get the mail to you?`And your other neighbours?”
He replied: “Not my problem!” 

The Top Five Best Antivirus Apps

4 12 2009

Yesterday I referred to the Gizmodo article, that says a new virus is going around, and when it infected your pc it will download child porno on it.
And you can’t proved it.

Lifehacker recently posted an article were users voted on the top 5.

Heres the link

Oh Shit!! Protect your pc!

4 12 2009

As reports there is a virus going around that after it infected your pc it will download child pornography.

Gizmodo say :
“Apparently, pedophiles have started using viruses to hide their vile stash on strangers computers. And guess what? Nobody believes that it was a virus that put them there when those pictures are found.
People have ended up going to jail because the exams that courts do on your computer are so expensive, judges don’t like paying for them. And people have gone broke clearing their names.

The moral of the story? Use virus-protection software, and don’t go to shady sites on the web. Because, yikes.”

Yikes indeed! So download a free anti virus software (if you haven’t allready have, and protect yourself!)

Dr. Murray: Please Hold … MJ is Dying

4 12 2009

WTF Dr. Murray? Is this doc really that careless and stupid? TMZ post a news that when

“Dr. Conrad Murray was on the phone with his girlfriend as Michael Jackson was dying … sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

Read more:
I mean why isn’t he just call 911 right away? Is his GF more important than his patient? Imagine this: He made according to the police report 3 calls with his mobile phone before he called 911 and when the police interviewed him for the first time and asked why he didn’t call 911 right away he said the stupidest lie ever: “The house phones were disconnected … and there were no phones in sight.”

The cock shot! A nice invention!

4 12 2009