Concealed Muslims = No Service! (In Switzerland)

11 12 2009

According to this German News article ,  Concealed Muslims who are trying to get service from their Swiss town administration will get a rejection. Reason for this was an incident that happened at the town administration a few days ago. A totally concealed Muslim woman (according to the worker there: “You could not see her hand! “) wanted to register.

The worker refused but she offered her a new appointment for the next day. The concealed Muslim woman went then to a police officer and a residents’ registration office worker to get unveiled.  But according to them they thought it was a too huge effort.

And they also say “We need to know who this is “face to face”.” So therefore there will be no service to concealed persons.

Concealed Muslims (c)

ps. My father once said they are dressed like ninjas.




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